where am I? alternatively, what am I doing?

my life as a Feynman diagram: my critical path is the sum of all possibilitiesAccording to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, certain pairs of physical properties---such as position and momentum, or time and energy---cannot both be known to arbitrary precision. The more precisely one property is known, the less precisely the other can be known. (paraphrased from Wikipaedia).

Now Heisenberg may have known a lot about quantum physics, but how much did he know about life? Would he have anticipated / did he anticipate the application of the uncertainty (indeterminacy) principle beyond the quantum world? To life itself, perhaps? ...as in the following examples:

  • The more (less) time you waste, the less (more) energetic you are.

  • The more (less) energy you have, the less (more) time it takes you to do stuff.

  • The more (less) you know about who you are, the less (more) you know about what you're doing.

  • The more (less) you know about where you’re going, the less (more) you know about where you are.



Lily Strange said...

Merciful Heaven--I am such a lousy blog friend. I haven't been here in a long time. To my credit, I have been working on the second book. Can I claim being lost in the space-time continuum as an excuse?