assume the position

The personification by deists of powerful energies in the Universe* is similar to the deification or more strictly reification of forces and fields by atheists/materialists (as proxies for physicists). If you catch my drift.

Put it another way, the attitude or aspect or posture of the physicist towards powerful energies in the Universe such as Gravity or Electromagnetism is similar in many ways to that as might be adopted by the worshiper of a deity such as Pikne the God of Lightning in Estonian mythology. Or Thor. Or Xolotl. Or Jehovah. There's no shortage of thunder and lightning, or wrathfulness, that's for sure.

Nor can anyone claim zir posture towards reality or zir belief system is the absolutely exclusively superior and/or correct and/or right one. Leaving the door open for the possibility that at least one belief system may be 'better' in at least one sense and/or circumstance and/or place; at at least one time for at least one person and/or reason and/or cause. [Thus completing the dance of the prepositions.] After all, there is only one Absolute in the Universe: the Universe zirself. Everything else, every other thing, is relative---generally relative, which is even more relative that specially relative.

entangle meant highlights the similarities in the respective postures of the atheist (as proxy for the physicist), polytheist and monotheist toward such qualities as omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. Eg the physicist's take on omnipotence: there are forces and powers in the universe, such as gravity, the strong force, the weak force, electromagnetism, and others. All of the powers in the Universe are all the powers that exist. There are no powers outside the Universe. There is no power outside the Universe. None, and nary a one. Nothing is outside the universe (except nothing). The universe is omnipotent.

* as suggested by ghostseeker in zir comment to blogpost "getting personal" published 5th February 2010 in this blog, cosmic rapture.