smumpy or looth?

Is reality lumpy or smooth?

Quantum physicists say lumpy. String theorists get all tied up in knots about it. M-theorists haven’t got the branes to know. Relativists absolutely understand the gravity of the situation. They find reality to be smoompy, no, smumpy, no, looth.

What came first, thought or language? Gotta be thought---you can have thought without language but not language without thought.

Some cosmologists have big guts; others have big toes.


Lily Strange said...

Ah, reality. It's all relative anyway. So as my Cousin Vinny says, "Fuhgeddaboutit. Let's go and git Shitfaced."

Lily Strange said...

I just realized that you might like the odd blogs of one of my longtime blog friends, Tom. Though he's got a bit of writer's block right now he's worth a look and he tends to respond to people who comment on his blogs. Try this one:

Hobbes said...

Very informative.

GPV said...

What came first_the words or the writing?
It might appear stupid but it's a pretty hard question if you dig a bit.
Same as yours.
reality: "To be or not to be".
Get into fresh water when it's hot and this won't matter anymore.