apologies to Jehovah

James Ussher Painted by Sir_Peter_LelyThis is to clarify the previous post. Here's a brief summary:

Living things are either created:

  1. by God, directly, by divine fiat (prefer a Lamborghini myself), or
  2. by the evolutionary processes of natural selection and random mutation, or
  3. by God via evolutionary processes designed and implemented by God.

Irreducible complexity can and does arise from mindless purposeless evolutionary mechanisms such as natural selection and genetic mutation. But the existence of such mechanisms does not preclude an omnipotent creator. An omnipotent creator would be perfectly capable of designing and implementing the processes that produce lifeforms and changes in lifeforms.

You can be a Believer without rejecting evolution. There's no inherent conflict between evolution and belief in an omnipotent creator.

Whether irreducible complexity is the product of evolutionary mechanisms, or not, has no effect on whether there is a Creator/Designer or not. But with (3), at least you can explain the fossil record and still hang on to God without having to explain how the world came to be created in the night of 23 October 4004 BC, as dreamed up by Bishop Usher (pictured).



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