the logic of a pulchritudinous newt

Internet Warning:
If you get an email with the title
"Nude Photo of Newt Gingrich", don't open it.
It's a nude photo of Newt Gingrich!

Typically, the Right accuses the Left of being "hair-brained" or "woolly headed", while the Left accuses the Right of being "anal".

Check out the following FaceBook dialogue between SRS and Mister about the "poster" (above) concerning the human known as Newt Gingrich.

I'd rather get fucked with my worst enemy's dick than look at a nude Newt‎@Mister, but either: (a) Newt is NOT your worst enemy (strange, given the intensity of your emotions about him),
- or -
(b) Newt IS your worst enemy, which would imply you'd rather HE fuck you than you see him nude...
There are worse enemies in this world than NewtYes that's true. But if you were forced to choose between seeing them nude or being fucked by them, wouldn't you choose seeing them nude?

You're saying that you'd rather be fucked by your worst enemy than see the nude body of someone who is NOT your worst enemy.

Note the implicit assumption that it would be unpleasant for a male to be fucked by a dick.

And one final anal-itude (analism [?]): There are no nude photos, only photos of nude people.


Antares said...

With a name like Newt Gingrich, you would expect people to simply double up in laughter each time he introduced himself. Hubert H. Humphrey... he made a grab for power but ended up as roadkill after Hunter S. Thompson described him as "the poison toad of American politics." Zbigniew Brzezinkski - phew! He must have slip[ed in through the back door. Forrest Gump - now that's a nice wholesome sounding name for a presidential candidate.

masterymistery said...

Antares, "poison toad of American politics": what a great line! Though it would apply to many more than just Newt!

Thanks for your comment. Cheers, MM

Antares said...

I knew I'd misspell Brzezinski...