toxic culture shock syndrome (TCCS)

People live within the framework of the culture they create. But sometimes the culture is unsustainable. Sometimes the culture works against the interests of the culture makers. Sometimes the culture limits rather than enhances the prospects for longer term survival of the culture makers.

Do we know our culture is sick? Sadly, not. But we should know or at least could know. Because there are plenty of signs that things are not going according to plan. Including the increasing incidence of suicide, self-mutilation, and eating disorders among younger people. As the death of a canary can signify the presence of toxic gas in a coal mine, so too is the presence of toxic culture-shock syndrome (TCSS) signified by rising trends re self-destructive behaviours among younger people these days.

Of course, most people fail to notice (or pretend not to notice) the signs. Because if they did notice they might feel obliged to respond in some way, eg by changing some aspects of the culture. Which they don't want to do. Stupid, stupid people<.

So there is a big downside to the gift of true prophecy. Just as most people ignore or pretend to ignore the onset of TCSS, so too do people not believe (or pretend not to believe) true prophecies of doom. But true prophets can help save the species, save the culture, if only they were to be permitted so to do. They could be the antibodies fighting the TCSS cells within the bloodstream of the body cultural.

Who will not permit the use of the power of true prophecy? Why, bookmakers of course, bookies for short. As well as actuaries, statisticians, insurance claim assessors, and other followers of the dragon-serpent Nidhogg. In fact, everyone and anyone whose livelihood depends on prognostication and prefiguration.