see fish below the submariner's temple

SEA EYES BELOW THE SUBMARINER'S TEMPLE, very roughly 60cm x 50cm. Oils. finalised in 2000, maybe SEE-FISH BELOW THE SUBMARINER'S TEMPLE, very roughly 60cm x 50cm. Oils. finalised in 2000, maybe? This painting is from the very early days: I had just taken up painting again, after an art-free interval of 35 years or so. I can't provide the exact dimensions, because I no longer have the painting. I sold it to a friend many years ago, for $500 if I recall correctly.


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k. riggs gardner said...

This is one of my favorites. What the hell happened in your later years???

masterymistery said...

Karen, thanks for your comment, and question. It's a good question. What the hell happened? I became dark and strange. Why? Not sure, but possibly because I began noticing the world getting very dark and strange. Trouble is, I climbed down so deep into the dark, that I couldn't/cannot climb back up again! How strange!

k. riggs gardner said...

I was exaggerating about the darkness of your later years. Take THE DANGERS OF MENTAL ELABORATION, for example. There are swathes of bright colors (especially yellow) amid soft pastel hues. Not so strange!

masterymistery said...

"strange" is practically synonymous with "different", "unusual", "new / not encountered before": all great qualities!

Antares said...

See-Fish.... brilliant... first time I've seen the Vesica piscis double up as a symbol for Enhanced Vision as well as the Lunar-Neptunian Intuitional Dream Plane.

masterymistery said...

Antares, I try not to think too hard (in fact at all!) while I'm painting. But for some reason that particular symbol/icon appears in most of my paintings. Perhaps another aspect of the symbolism is the Eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye. Thanks for your comment. Cheers, MM