here, there and everywhere

Everything That Is, has been, will be and could be (ETI) comprises all living and inanimate things and everything else, including non-material as well as material things, in this and/or any other universe or reality. And when I say "everything" I do mean "everything": Atoms and breakfasts and mountain goats and clever tactics and cabbages and kings and sealing wax and theories and vacuums and memories and nothingnesses and infinities (ask georg) and emptinesses and neurons and fables and ghosts and non-existent things and the past and the future and membranes and p-branes and topology and mobius bands and galaxies and light and everything. ETI is that which binds it all together.

Omniscience? All the knowledge there is, is part of ETI. (Note, this does not mean ETI is infinite knowledge necessarily. Rather it means that ETI is or contains all the knowledge there is, was, will be or could be.)

Omnipotence? All the power there is, is part of ETI. (Note, this does not mean ETI is infinite power necessarily. Rather, it means that ETI is or contains all the power there is, was, will be or could be.)

Omnipresence? Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, ETI is everywhere there is to be. (Note, this does not mean ETI is in infinite places necessarily. Rather it means that God is or contains or is in all the places there are, have been, will be or could be. And by the way, remember the Beatles song, "Strawberry Fields", and the line that goes, "...there's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be..."?)

I don't like to use the word/name "God" because of the potential for confusion, misunderstanding, argument and disagreement about the nature and name of ETI.

ETI is context-independent, values-free, cares for nothing and everything... but more on this later; I'm tired and want to go to bed.



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