unordered listlessness

Every day in every way throughout the day calisthenics were performed under the watchful eye of the Majordomo.

Who was he? No-one knew. But still they performed. And performed, and performed. Why? Well, because there was but a thin line between watchful and wrathful, as everyone knew, only too well.

Nor was the wrathfulness of the Majordomo the only or even primary psychotic aspect of a personality that demanded and commanded instant obedience and performance, every day, throughout the day, in every way. No, the wrathfulness was one thing, but the thing that really kept the inmates performing was their fear of being deprived of mail, their only connection to the so-called outside world.

Even more troubling was the sheer listlessness of the inmates when confronting the prospect of disconnection. And yet, the death of the Majordomo would, ironically enough, be at the hands of a number of inmates granted library privileges by the Majordomo himself. Essentially, the Majordomo would be browsed to death. And on that day, listlessness would be a thing of the past, and everyone would frolic gloriously in a listful world, free to have all the mail imaginable.