ten times five: you're still alive!

Here's a poem I wrote a couple weeks ago for my beloved, on the occasion of her fiftieth birthday. We've been together for 26 years. [At last: some new content on this page, and no hype or spin about e-books!]

Ten Times Five: You're still alive

It’s really quite awesome, in fact kind of nifty
To orbit the sun not just one time but fifty

And if you're the Earth, which revolves day and night
Then I'm the moon: your pale satellite!

And just like the planet, the giver of life
Your beauty is ageless, my beautiful wife

My lover, my soul-mate, my spiritual adviser
You’ve helped me grow just a little bit wiser

You’ve been there, done that, travelled long, far and wide
It’s been a real trip to be at your side!

Your journey’s not over, it may never be
Wherever you go, I hope you’ll take me.

25th September 2013


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